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This long-lived design business finally closed for good in 2008. The holding company, Tilloston Corporation, gifted the extensive Alden design archive to the Hart Nautical Collections of MIT Museum. Most of the collection was cataloged and scanned under the direction of Niels Helleberg, a designer at Alden since 1971, who also helped direct the collection to MIT. Helleberg continued providing design and print services until closing his office in January 2014. The useful Alden website and database created by Helleberg was transferred by him to MIT Museum to assist with providing continuing access to this important American design archive

Important Announcement

With the opening of the new MIT Museum at Kendall, the museum is once again able to provide digital copies of Alden plans. However, plan orders will take several months to fill due to the volume of pent-up demand. Requests sent after the museum opening (October 1, 2022) will be answered in the order received.

To speed up the process, please include the following information in your request: the Alden design number; how you will use the plans (i.e., restoring an existing vessel, building a new vessel, publication, research); and whether you would like a complete plan set or are looking for a specific detail. Digital copies of plans cost $15 apiece. Early Alden designs usually have 6 – 10 plans each; later designs can have between 15 and 30.